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The Author

Sandra Sorenson-Kindt, children's author

A curious boy who loves discovering new things, decides to explore his desert surroundings during a family celebration.

With two bossy older brothers, two younger brothers, and a baby sister, Teddy needed some time to himself. He had interests his brothers couldn’t care less about, so he didn’t invite them along.

Nearly an hour passed before anyone noticed he was missing…

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Chubbs Book Trailer

A mangy alley cat isn’t at the top of anybody’s adoption list.

Nevertheless, when Grandma Sandy scoops it up into her arms, her heart nudges her to take it home, and she listens. Grandma always trusts her feelings.

Lots of tender care soon transforms the mangy cat into beautiful, round Chubbs. But when she loses her sight, will she listen to her feelings like Grandma and learn to trust the one who loves her most?

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